The Truth About Joe Biden and His Handlers

We all know Milton’s line that it’s “better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.” Does this logic (such as it is) require one to create a hell in order to rule? To take a more or less functioning society and make it hell?

As we’ve all noticed, nearly everything we used to take for granted is getting worse. Street and property crime is only the most obvious example. Take another: air travel. Flight cancellations with no warning are now the norm. A very short time ago, this was very rare. The elites fly more than the average person; not all of them can afford to fly privately. How does mucking up civil aviation help them? Or one more example: Europe is about to plunge into a deep freeze because of idiotic energy and reckless foreign policy. In addition to making everyone’s teeth chatter, energy shortages will also have a massively detrimental effect on Germany’s industrial economy – and yet Germany, more than any other country, is determined to stay the course.

What explains this behavior? I don’t rule out a grand plan, but this seems the least plausible explanation. Modern elites have no Marx or manifesto (unless it is Marx and his Manifesto; but they are too greedy for that to be the case). Their premier conferences such a Davos produce nothing but bromides and pabulum – nothing like a serious plan for world domination. So if they really do have a detailed plan, they have proved very effective at keeping it secret. Read more…

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