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The Pregnancy Talk Every Mom Needs to Give Her Son

There are plenty of talks parents have to have with their children. The sex talk, the college talk, some of us have even had to start early with a “no licking the dog” talk. These discussions have to be repeated and utilized to form values, principles, and boundaries and serve as a guide to aid children as they grow into adults.

Many girls and young women have more serious talks to worry about. They’re often warned about rape and becoming teenage mothers, but boys have an equivalent issue that deserves its own talk to avoid immeasurable trauma and life-long pain. They need a “How To Never Get Trapped by a Pregnancy” talk.

We’ve all heard jokes about man traps. It seems cartoonish and absurd to imagine that anyone would believe that a pregnancy could actually fix or encourage a relationship that isn’t working. Unfortunately, the ugly truth is that most women shrug it off or excuse this behavior, and boys and young men need to be aware of that. Read more…

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