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The Juneteenth Fraud

If we could somehow strip away the dubious political context in which it was birthed, Juneteenth might indeed be worthy of national commemoration.

Slavery, while obviously not in any way unique to the United States, (it was practiced in generally far more hideous forms in the Caribbean and the Middle East, to say nothing of Africa, where it continues in many parts of that continent to this day), nonetheless represents a crime against human dignity and a stain on American history. The end of American slavery, consequently, should be celebrated.

But we cannot wish away politics from the inherently political task of choosing a national holiday. And therefore, it is impossible now to see Juneteenth in anything other than the political context in which it arose from obscurity (and don’t buy the media disinformation- until a few years ago, it was an obscure holiday, as we’ll see).

Juneteenth’s emergence as an official national holiday is the result, not of a desire for unification and celebration, but of the same cynical racial division that has brought us Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, proposed shakedowns in the guise of reparations, and a host of other ills. The promotion of Juneteenth from a largely regional and informal celebration to a sacred national holiday undermines American national and racial unity—it does not encourage it. And that is the precise intention of those who foisted it on America.

It is not a coincidence that the holiday is being referred to as the “Juneteenth National Independence Day” taking place in such close proximity to America’s actual Independence Day on July 4. This makes perfect sense in the context of the Left’s incessant desire to erase America’s history- as was the aim of the cynical “1619 Project”- and replace it with a litany of attacks on America’s founding and the descendants of those who accomplished it.

The name itself is a blatant piece of historical revisionism. More than 330 million Americans of all races and backgrounds enjoy the fruit of our independence from Great Britain. That is why we all celebrate 1776 as a unifying national event. Read more…

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