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The Abortion Pill Now Accounts for More Than Half of U.S. Abortions

We hear all the time about shadowy networks trafficking the abortion pill into the United States to women reportedly desperate for it. What we don’t hear are the countless heart-wrenching stories of mothers who regret taking the abortion pill. Instead of callously dismissing women’s traumatic experiences, what if we treat them as if their voices matter?

In the over two decades since the Food and Drug Administration approved the abortion pill regimen, it has killed millions of children in the womb, caused the deaths of 28 women, and is connected to more than 1,000 hospitalizations. It now accounts for more than half of abortions in the U.S., marking the next frontier of abortion.

It never should have come to this. By negligently approving the pill regimen without even requiring reporting of its adverse effects, the FDA chose politics over children’s lives and women’s health. Read more…

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