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Texas Parents Vote to Secure Conservative School Board Majorities

Elections on May 6, 2023, saw several school boards across Texas secure conservative leadership for their districts.

Patriot Mobile Action PAC helped parents in these districts successfully fight against leftist organizations and secured more logic-based teachings in schools.

One district that saw new leadership elected was the Southlake Carroll Independent School District (CISD), which, according to a statement released by the PMA PAC, has been embroiled in a three-year battle to secure conservative trustees.

“In 2020, the Covid school closures opened parents’ eyes to alarming indoctrinating curriculum in schools across America. Southlake, Texas was ground zero for the unmasking of racist Critical Race Theory infiltration and efforts toward the sexualization of students. National news hit pieces, meant to chill Southlake parents’ speech, had the reverse effect, and ignited a nationwide movement of mama bears and papa bears willing to enter the political arena to reclaim parental rights and remind the government that big brother doesn’t own their children,” the statement says. Read more…

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