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Teacher Harassed by Police for Speaking Out Against CRT

In a scene that shows how the United States of America is under an occupational regime, a concerned parent was bullied and ushered out of a school board meeting for spreading truthful information about critical race theory.

“As an educator, it is not our job to shame kids. It is our job to lift kids up. It is not my job as an educator to take on the role of the parent,” said concerned teacher Brooke Ely Henderson to her school board in Springfield, Mo.

“Sadly, I believe this guidance has been implemented in our classrooms and kids have been made to feel ashamed. You can say it’s not in the classroom but the truth is it is, and we are failing our kids,” Henderson added.

This is when the Gestapo board ordered that Henderson’s 1st Amendment rights be restricted, and an oathbreaking law enforcement official complied with the jackbooted request. They cut off Henderson as she was attempting to advocate on behalf of a biracial child who has been traumatized due to the implementation of this racist curriculum. Read more…

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