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Taxpayer-Funded NPR Plays Audio of Suction Abortion

National Public Radio’s (NPR) airing of a woman getting an abortion has sparked outrage amongst pro-life activists, while some say the audio may have the opposite effect than intended.

The graphic audio of the suction abortion on an 11-week-old unborn child was aired Thursday by the taxpayer-funded radio outlet by reporter Katie Wells. During the clip, a woman can be heard crying and moaning during the procedure, saying at one point, “I can’t,” before one of the workers says, “Yes, you can,” according to Wells.

Wells recorded the audio from a Northland Family Planning Center in Michigan to show how sympathetic physicians and workers are at abortion facilities, according to the Daily Mail. She claimed during the segment that the dim lighting and the “soothing music” make it feel “a lot like childbirth.” Read more…

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