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State Department Continues With Plan to Fund Drag Shows

As RedState previously reported, the US State Department gave tens of thousands of dollars to a facility in Ecuador to facilitate “drag shows.” That news was delivered amidst an onslaught of transgender propaganda being pushed by the Biden administration. On Sunday evening, the president sat down with a man who claims to be a teenage girl going through “girlhood” to proclaim his support for physically mutilating children in the name of “gender-affirming care.”

Previously, Biden had claimed that such procedures were a “civil right,” chastizing those who have sought to stop what they view as abuse of children in the name of transgender ideology.

Given all that, it was no surprise to learn that taxpayer money is being used by the State Department to fund drag shows in Central American countries. Their excuse? That it provides a place for transgender people “to express themselves freely and safely.” Read more…

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