Southeastern Baptist Seminary Professor Blames Pro-Life Christians for L.A. County Virus Surge

A research professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary took to Twitter on Tuesday to blame pro-life Christians for the overflow of coronavirus patients in Los Angeles County hospitals.

In her tweet, Karen Swallow Prior, Ph.D. blamed pro-life Christians for the surge in COVID cases in Los Angeles, stating, “The culture of death we ‘pro-life’ Christians warned about is here. We brought it.”

Prior, formerly a professor at Liberty University, reacted to a CBS News story with the headline, “LA EMS workers told not to transport patients who likely won’t survive to hospitals.”

According to the story, hospitals in Los Angeles County are now so overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients that county emergency medical services officials have issued a directive stating adult patients in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest “shall not be transported if return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) is not achieved in the field.” Read more…

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