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Shocking Revelation: Hamas Praises Anti-Israel Protesters as Allies!

A senior Hamas official recently expressed gratitude to student protesters at American universities for their efforts following the creation of anti-Israel encampments on numerous campuses. The official used rhetoric that compared these student movements to Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, known as Operation “Al Aqsa Flood.”

In comments made in Arabic on May 18, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, senior Hamas official Khaled Mashal praised the student demonstrations. “We thank the great student flood which emerged from the American, European, and Western universities,” Mashal said. He emphasized the perceived opportunity to “defeat Israel” and “dismantle the Zionist enterprise,” suggesting that these actions could transform the global landscape.

Mashal further stated that “three major steps” are required from those protesting against Israel. The first step involves continuing the activities that began immediately after October 7. He urged protesters to maintain their financial support, referring to it as a “financial Jihad,” aimed at providing aid and weapons for Gaza.

The second step, according to Mashal, is to besiege Israeli and American embassies. He called for ongoing demonstrations and media efforts to propagate the Palestinian narrative and prosecute Israeli officials in international courts. Mashal also noted the support of countries like South Africa, Turkey, Libya, and Egypt.

The third step is to engage more deeply in Jihad and resistance. Mashal called for total integration into the battle, claiming that such actions are beneficial for humanity by aiming to annihilate Zionists. He expressed gratitude to those already participating and called for increased involvement.

These comments highlight the alignment between the student protests and the broader objectives of Hamas, emphasizing the group’s ongoing commitment to its militant goals and its encouragement of international support for its cause.

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