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Shocking: Biden Nominee Spied on Journalist’s Private Emails!

A few years before her nomination by Joe Biden to a lifetime judicial appointment, Judge Sarah Netburn signed off on an order that compelled Google to secretly hand over information from the email account of a journalist who had obtained Ashley Biden’s diary. This controversial decision has raised significant concerns among conservatives about her impartiality and commitment to upholding the First Amendment.

Netburn has faced intense scrutiny from Republican senators during her confirmation hearings, particularly for her decision to house a repeat sexual offender in a female prison because he identified as a woman. Senators like Ted Cruz have accused her of prioritizing ideology over legal principles, a criticism that resonates deeply within conservative circles.

In 2020, Netburn, then a federal magistrate judge in New York, ordered Google to provide information from a Project Veritas journalist’s personal email account. Project Veritas had purchased the diary from a woman who claimed to have found it in a room previously occupied by Ashley Biden. Despite not publishing the diary, Ashley Biden’s lawyers contacted the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, turning the missing diary into a federal case.

The diary contained potentially explosive content, including Ashley Biden’s discussions about drug addiction and troubling allegations regarding her father, Joe Biden. Despite the First Amendment implications, Netburn ruled in favor of Ashley Biden in December 2020, compelling Google to comply and preventing them from notifying the journalist about the investigation.

This order, signed just after Joe Biden’s election victory, has now resurfaced as a major point of contention. The sealed application for a search warrant, which was later revealed following public outcry and judicial transparency efforts, showed the lengths to which the government went to shield sensitive information.

The handling of this case, particularly the pre-dawn raids on Project Veritas journalists, drew widespread condemnation, even from some left-leaning civil liberties groups. The aggressive tactics employed by the prosecutors, coupled with Netburn’s rulings, paint a picture of judicial overreach and bias.

Mike Davis, a Republican former chief counsel for nominations on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has strongly criticized Netburn’s actions, suggesting she is too partisan for a lifetime appointment. Davis pointed out that Netburn’s decision to protect Joe Biden from damaging allegations raises serious questions about her judicial independence and suitability for the federal bench.

The White House has claimed ignorance of Netburn’s order when Biden nominated her, insisting it was not a factor in their decision. However, this assertion does little to assuage conservative concerns about her impartiality and commitment to the rule of law.

Last month, Aimee Harris was sentenced for her role in taking and selling Ashley Biden’s diary, which further confirmed the diary’s authenticity. In her victim impact statement, Ashley Biden acknowledged the diary’s contents and described the distress caused by its public release.

Netburn’s confirmation prospects appear bleak among Republicans, who remain unconvinced of her ability to impartially serve on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, given her previous controversial decisions and perceived ideological bias.

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