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San Fran Judge Exonerates Sex Predator Because “Justice”

A mentally unsound man in his thirties was repeatedly let go for his offenses, which regularly involved targeting women he fancied, in a story that reveals the holes in the California legal system.

The main event of the story from San Francisco Chronicle centers around the 15-year-old daughter of Blaise Zerega. She had to hide in a bookshop after 32-year-old Bill Gene Hobbs stalked the girl during her daily errands.

All Zerega’s daughter wanted to do that day was buy some paint. But Hobbs spotted the girl and told her she’d be a “perfect mate,” leading to him tailing her. At times it’s said he touched and “aggressively grabbed” her.

Police took Hobbs away that day last December. But he wouldn’t be made to answer for his crimes. Fast forward to last month, Blaise Zerega was informed that San Francisco Superior Court Judge Russell Roeca dismissed the case “in the interest of justice.” Read more…

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