Report: Second Underage Boy Accuses Lincoln Project Cofounder of Harassment

Somehow the disgraced Lincoln Project is even more disgraced now as news broke Monday of a second underage boy allegedly preyed upon by the left-wing super PAC’s cofounder John Weaver.

During an appearance on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program, journalist Ryan Girdusky said, “I’m here to say I have made contact with another minor who was sexually harassed by John Weaver. He is still a minor today… John Weaver aggressively sexually harassed him.”

He added, “The allegations involving minors are now multiple, and there’s possibly more to come.”

Girdusky, who originally broke this story wide open, said that even though a month has passed since the story hit, he is still hearing from new people about Weaver’s alleged harassment – his pattern of soliciting young men by offering them “jobs and internships in exchange for sex.” Read more…

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