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Report Says Quarter of Americans Will Cancel Cable TV in 2021

An incredible “27% of U.S. cable TV subscribers plan to end their subscriptions by the end of 2021, which is nearly double the 15% that did so in 2020 and a big jump from the 3% annual decline [in] 2020,” reports TV Technology.

This is another disaster for left-wing Hollywood and the fake news media, for it is through the cable TV racket that naïve Americans pay a monthly fortune for channels they never watch. And it is this racket that allows failing left-wing outlets like MTV, CNNLOL, and ESPN to hold on.

Yep, whether you watch them or not, all of these left-wing channels receive a piece of your cable bill, and it is this unearned money keeps them afloat.

Streaming TV is a very different thing. Outlets like Netflix and Amazon actually survive on merit. No one forces you to pay for Netflix. Whereas with cable TV, if you want to watch a certain channel, you have to pay for dozens of others. Read more…

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