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Public Schools’ Secret War on Parenting

We’ve known for some time that it has become common practice in public schools across North America to keep information about how children choose to “identify” from their parents. Children are told they can choose their gender and that their gender may have nothing to do with their body. This education is pervasive and systemic, and with social media it a key driver of the sky-rocketing rates of children identifying as transgender.

As a result, there have been many situations in which children (often autistic or struggling with mental illness) have decided to identify as the opposite gender and choose a new name – and this information is deliberately hidden from the parents of the child by school staff, who assist the child in “presenting” as the gender they have chosen and refer to them by their new name. Many schools actually have policies explicitly forbidding staff from telling parents what is happening with their children. In the LGBT movement, parents are seen as an active threat to their own children. Read more…

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