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Psychiatrists Concerned About Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts Uptick Among Youth

The effects of the pandemic on mental health in the U.S. are profound.

But clinicians who work with children say they’re particularly concerned about one trend over the last several months: a spike in adolescents who have suicidal thoughts or have tried to take their lives.

Boston Children’s Hospital reports that between July and October of last year it saw a 47% increase, over the same period the year before, in kids needing to be hospitalized for suicidal ideation or attempts.

The uptick from last year has continued. For example, Children’s Hospital said on the day this story was published, March 25, it had more than 50 children through age 17 either admitted or waiting for an inpatient bed for reasons related to suicide.

WBUR’s All Things Considered host, Lisa Mullins, spoke with three doctors who are seeing this up close: Dr. Patricia Ibeziako, associate chief for clinical services in the psychiatry department at Boston Children’s Hospital; Dr. Elizabeth Pinsky, pediatric psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital; and Dr. Michelle Durham, child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist at Boston Medical Center. Read more…

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