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Planned Parenthood’s Perverse Agenda Targets Virginia Schools

The City of Norfolk Public School Board is considering adopting a new sex education curriculum for middle schoolers created by Planned Parenthood that some parents say is too explicit and not age appropriate.

Norfolk Public Schools hosted public forums earlier this month to discuss the new proposed curriculum, which, according to local reports, the school said would provide medically-accurate, age-appropriate and evidence-based family life education and comprehensive sex education.

However, some parents say the curriculum titled “Get Real,” developed by Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, is too explicit in details related oral sex, masturbation and in defining terms like gender identity, gender expression, cisgender, transgender, questioning and ally.

Sylvia Bryant, a Virginia parent who has had multiple children educated in the Norfolk public school system since 1995, says the curriculum is “too inappropriate” and would be damaging to child development, and advocates that those topics should be left to parents, or should more closely involve parental oversight. Read more…

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