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Parents Fight Back: Removing LGBT Books From Libraries

One of the country’s largest Catholic advocacy groups is launching a parent-led initiative to remove progressive LGBT books aimed at children from libraries ahead of Pride Month, which begins Saturday.

CatholicVote, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting Catholic values in public life, will kick off its third annual “Hide The Pride” campaign on June 1. The campaign encourages parents to cleanse their local taxpayer-funded library’s children’s section of books that promote sexualized and gender-related content, especially those prominently displayed.

“Public libraries have long been a summer destination where children and parents can go for free resources, books, computer access, and community. And as public spaces, they should stay that way,” CatholicVote wrote in a toolkit for parents.

“But during ‘Pride Month,’ many libraries fill their children’s sections with gay and trans books, images, and symbols – not to mention drag-queen story hours,” the group continued. “We are equipping you to fight back and reclaim your library for your kids. We are going to ‘Hide the Pride.’”

The group is urging families to plan a library visit in early June where they go to the children’s section, remove all the “Pride Month” books from display shelves, check them out at the front desk, and place the books on a shelf out of children’s reach at home. The library books should be returned on time later, the group advises.

One person should be designated to film the library visit in case library staff confronts the group, CatholicVote recommended.

CatholicVote also provides a letter template for families to sign and send to their local library to protest the “Pride Month” displays in the children’s section. The group suggested gathering at least five or six people to sign the letter and delivering it to the library via email or snail mail.

“We plan to keep these books checked out until the library agrees to remove the inappropriate content from the shelves,” the letter template reads. “Flags, signs, and book displays based on how adults experience sexual attraction and gender identity have no place in an open and public space for children.”

CatholicVote also urged parents to share their videos, photos, and stories to encourage others.

“It is always powerful to know you are not alone in this fight for the soul of our children,” the group said.

“Our campaign is designed to empower communities to take back public spaces from the radical LGBT movement that seeks to destroy the innocence of our children while coercing parents and citizens into endorsing the latest forms of sexual perversion,” Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote, said in a statement.

“No child needs to see a graphic how-to manual on gay sex. Yet today we are told that this pornography must be proudly displayed in taxpayer-funded public libraries and foisted on our children,” Burch said. “Americans are fed up with being told that they must surrender their children and public spaces to an aggressive LGBT agenda. Parents have every right to demand that libraries shield this gross content from their children and that basic standards of decency be respected.”

Over the last few years, parents across the country have vocally opposed a slew of children’s books dealing with gender ideology and sexuality — some containing pornographic content. Such books have appeared in libraries, particularly school libraries where children have access to them.

Some of the books that have raised concerns among parents include “Gender Queer,” a graphic novel with explicit sexual content; “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” which includes descriptions of anal sex and masturbation; “I Love My Colorful Nails,” about a boy whose classmates laugh at him when he paints his nails; “Ho’onani: Hula Warrior,” about a Hawaiian girl who wants to lead the all-boys hula troupe at her school; and “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish” by Lil Miss Hot Mess, a founder of Drag Queen Story Hour, which is a nursery rhyme book about drag shows.

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