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OUTRAGEOUS: Tax Dollars Funding Trans Makeup Business Abroad

In two years and change in the Oval Office, what has President Joe Biden demonstrated to be his administration’s priorities? It certainly doesn’t seem to be the American people whether it be their constitutional rights, their economic wellbeing, or their security. Instead, Biden and his administration have prioritized radical agendas, woke ideologies, and devastating economic policies.

Under President Biden, Americans have seen 24 months of consecutive pay cuts to their real wages due to inflation that surged to 40-year highs as a result of his “build back better” economic policies. The president refuses to negotiate any aspect of Social Security, even though the program is barreling toward insolvency within the decade. He’s even showing signs of bumbling the country into its first debt default in history.

Biden’s botching of economic policy is reflected in his underwater approval rating that recently reached a new all-time low, and Americans’ view of his ability to handle the economy is even more negative. The White House has refused blame for inflation, high gas prices, and the Fed subsequently raising interest rates to their highest level since 2001 as a result of soaring prices. Read more…

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