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On the Pornification of Society

In those periodic moments where public discourse centers on the topic of pornography, it is always put in terms of the individual. There is abundant science behind pornography consumption, showing its effects on the brain and one’s reproductive health as well as its addictiveness. Many critics will also point out how constant stimulation of pornographic content warps a person’s view of sex and other people. To appeal to the broadest audiences, the language is always kept secular and clinical with little reference to the morality of it…

Those who defend pornography as merely showing an activity between consenting adults need to understand that these are people who sell their bodies and dignity for money and followers. In most cases, they are vulnerable to predators who take advantage of their low self-esteem, their financial desperation, and their naivety. Consequently, many porn actors will struggle with addiction, abusive relationships, and suicide.

However, besides acknowledging the harm that pornography inflicts on the individuals involved, few people consider pornography’s effect on the community… with nearly 80% of Americans consuming it monthly. Read more…

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