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On the Dangers of Doctors in the Trans Era

Many youngsters who present as gender dysphoric have mental health issues or have suffered abuse or trauma. Yet instead of probing these causes of distress, therapists are expected to accept their patient’s self-diagnosis.

The transgender craze shows no sign of loosening its grip on society. The impact on children and adolescents was discussed empathetically by journalist Abigail Shrier in her superb book, ‘Irreversible Damage’. But what support is there for therapists who work with those young people, in particular those professionals who can see the dangers?

These are scary times. In the UK, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) against “conversion therapy” inhibits counsellors from probing their client’s self-diagnosis of transsexualism. Professionals who should be helping their clients explore and understand their psychological distress are instead expected to affirm whatever their client tells them. Worse, proposed legislation might lead to criminal action being taken against them. Read more…

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