Menstrual Cycles Thrown Off After COVID Vaccine

A subreddit group is ground zero for vaccinated people who want to compare and ask about adverse reactions after receiving the experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

A few women have also documented how their menstrual cycles were thrown off by the vaccine:

“The unsettling part were the menstrual changes I experienced. To preface – I’ve been tracking my period religiously for the past three years after I stopped hormonal birth control. In the past three years I’ve received the flu shot every year, an MMR booster (on the same day as a flu shot), and a typhoid vaccine. I also had pretty bad food/water poisoning in Central America with intense fever/chills. My cycle has consistently been within 1-2 days length of the previous cycle. Over a year, my cycle has not been more than 5 days of difference (ex. shortest cycle 27 days, longest 32). It seems that vaccinations and fever/illness had not affected my cycle until this one.

The cycle before my vaccination was 32 days long. I should have received my period April 28th which would have been day 32. It was late, but I do have a 1-2 day variation. When it hadn’t come by May 1 I knew something was off. I took multiple pregnancy tests until it finally came on May 5. I know this may not seem like a lot of days and of course periods can vary but it was extremely unusual for me. The first couple days were also brown, which has never happened to me at the start of the cycle and only sometimes on the very last day.” Read more…

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