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Liberal Host Slams Missouri for Protecting Unborn Lives!

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has made some outrageous claims about pro-life laws in Missouri, suggesting that protecting unborn children equates to the enslavement of women. In a recent interview with former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, Reid went so far as to claim that women in Missouri are slaves to their husbands and the government because of the state’s pro-life stance.

McCaskill lamented the situation in Missouri, saying, “All abortions are illegal. There are no exceptions for rape or incest. Life begins at conception. It’s a personhood state, so no abortions are being performed at Planned Parenthood.” Reid took it a step further, characterizing Missouri as a “slave state.”

“You’ve left off, Claire, that in your state it’s illegal for a pregnant woman to get an abortion, so they’ve also gone after no-fault divorce,” Reid asserted. “If you’re pregnant and you’re in a marriage with an abusive spouse, you can’t even get a divorce once you get pregnant. You become the property of both your husband and the state. They have joint ownership of you in the state of Missouri. That is a slave state as far as I’m concerned.”

However, Reid’s claims are completely false. In Missouri, a woman can indeed file for divorce while pregnant. Pregnant women are not the property of their husbands or the state, and legal protections against abuse remain firmly in place. The idea that protecting unborn children from abortion amounts to slavery is not only misleading but inflammatory.

The reality is that Missouri’s pro-life laws aim to protect the most vulnerable in our society—the unborn children. These laws reflect a commitment to valuing life from conception. The comparison to slavery is not only inaccurate but diminishes the true horror of actual slavery, which involved the systematic dehumanization and brutalization of African Americans.

Pro-life advocates believe that every life is precious and deserves protection. The language used by Reid and McCaskill is a distortion of the facts and a disservice to the ongoing debate about the sanctity of life and the rights of the unborn.

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