Just How Much Liberty Have Leftists Stolen?

Does anybody still think totalitarianism can’t happen here in America? Ask yourself how many of these steps we’ve already galloped past.

Any belief in a higher power is threatening to the State. If there is a “higher law” that takes precedence over government orders, then personal morality is a justifiable reason for disobeying the State…

Eminent English jurist William Blackstone succinctly observed: “Free men have arms; slaves do not.” Americans prepared to defend their lives are prepared to defend their freedom. That Democrats have made gun control and confiscation one of their most pressing issues says everything about the direction in which we’re heading.

Whether you believe that anthropogenic climate change is an imminent threat or not, this much is indisputable: energy undergirds all economic activity. Everything from agricultural production and industrial manufacturing to supply transport, shipping, and consumer shopping depends upon a constant supply of energy…

There is a reason Western governments have begun aggressively attacking free speech as “misinformation” or “disinformation”: the power to communicate ideas to the broader public threatens governments’ monopoly over “official” truths. Read more…

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