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It’s Back: LA Reintroduces Mask Mandate

The Los Angeles COVID fascists are back at it again, with L.A. county health officials making the decision to once more force masks on Americans whether they like it or not.

The returning policy took effect last Saturday, with the tyrannical public health “experts” (otherwise known as wannabe politicians) justifying the measure with moral shaming and endless phony science. This comes as roughly 52% of LA County residents have been vaccinated for COVID-19, and applies to all county residents regardless of vaccination status…

I will give Solis one thing, she does a great job using numbers to fear-monger how dangerous this new, much less deadly COVID-19 strain is. How about we actually ‘follow the science’ for a moment here? Take a look at this graph below, obtained directly from LA County’s COVID-19 case tracking data. Read more…

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