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Insurance Firm Fires Patriotic Demonstrator for Exercising 1st Amendment Rights OUTSIDE of Capitol

A lawyer has been fired by an insurance firm after attending a mostly peaceful protest outside of the U.S. Capitol yesterday, as the 1st Amendment is no more in the former land of the free.

Patriotic attorney Paul Davis was fired from Goosehead Insurance, Inc. because he was outside of the Capitol livestreaming the protest. He did not storm or breach the Capitol, but that does not matter. He will be crucified anyway because the Bill of Rights and Constitution is no more in America.

The cowardly Goosehead CEO and co-founder Mark Jones released a statement filled with doublespeak that is emblematic of the selling out of America by the corporate elite.

“While we support our employees’ right to vote and express themselves politically, we do not condone violent or illegal acts. This one former employee’s actions are not reflective of our company culture or values, and we are disappointed with his behavior,” Jones said in a Thursday morning message to employees. Read more…

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