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Illegal Drug Use Hits Record High

As we have covered here repeatedly, there has been a steady stream of very bad headlines making the rounds dealing with the rising number of overdose deaths in the United States. The lion’s share of these fatal events these days involve fentanyl, leading us to point the finger of blame at the crisis on our southern border and the drug cartels that have been feeding that pipeline with enough of the deadly drug to literally kill everyone in the country.

That’s certainly true and we shouldn’t lose sight of the issue. But under the surface, there is a second part of that formula. We wouldn’t be seeing all of these deaths if there wasn’t a market for powerful illegal drugs in America. There certainly is and it’s growing. In fact, we are now seeing an all-time record in terms of drug use and addiction. In a chilling op-ed from Seth Leibsohn at the Washington Times, we learn that 14.3% of America’s adult population now regularly uses illegal and dangerous drugs. Read more…

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