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How Should Parents Feel About Trans? It’s Obvious

We are being treated once again to another round of mainstream media columns assuring us that those who are disturbed by the LGBT movement’s ongoing overtures to children are either crazy, bigoted, or both. This is accompanied by a wealth of evidence that those with concerns about the LGBT’s colonization of nearly all cultural spaces are terrifyingly sane.

In Bismarck, North Dakota, for example, a drag show is being marketed to kids. “Just a Brunch of Kings and Queens” attracted the attention of parents on social media after the event, advertised for “all ages” but “best suited for 13+” (to be held at the Bismarck Ramada Heritage Ballroom on June 18), noted that they’d be hosting teen speakers and donating the proceeds of the drag show to LGBT causes.

Reread that carefully: This is a drag show, advertised for “all ages.” Anyone who had predicted this ten or twenty years ago would have been called a liar by the very people happily hosting teen LGBT events and drag shows to kids. Read more…

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