HBO’s ‘Tanshood’ Film Shows 4 Year Old Pushed To Identify As Trans

In what seems to be a 2020 trend of disturbing films involving children (Netflix’s “Cuties,” anyone?), HBO has recently released a new documentary called “Transhood” that has many viewers concerned for the well-being of the children involved.

The film follows several transgender children, ranging from ages 4 to 16, as they embark on their journey toward medical and/or social transition. I watched the new controversial film and am here to present my honest thoughts as a transgender woman myself.

While a few of the stories in the movie, specifically the ones involving the older trans teenagers, were quite positive, multiple subjects of the film disturbed me to my core. In the cases of Phoenix, age 4, and Avery, age 9, it was clear to me that the transgender identity was being pushed on them when it wasn’t necessarily applicable. Read more…

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