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Feds Complicit in Trans Indoctrination and Suicide?

A decade ago, the National Center for Lesbian Rights filed a civil rights complaint on behalf of a California junior high student “initially raised as a female” who now identified as male and wanted to use the boys’ bathroom at school and room with boys on overnight school trips.

The Obama administration reached a resolution agreement with the Arcadia Unified School District in 2013, requiring it to treat students according to their gender identity and facilitate their social transitions to the opposite sex, subject to ongoing federal supervision.

Yaeli Martinez was one of the first Arcadia Unified students to be treated under this new system. According to her mother, the transition to “Andrew” worsened Yaeli’s mental health problems, and in 2019 her “beautiful girly girl” who dressed like a princess as a child stepped in front of a train at age 19. Read more…

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