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Fauci Caught Admitting: Social Distancing Rule Was Randomly Imposed!

The 6-foot social distancing guideline, heavily promoted by public health officials during the COVID-19 pandemic, apparently lacked any scientific basis, according to former chief medical advisor Anthony Fauci’s testimony. Fauci, who served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), advised both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden on COVID-19 policies, wielding significant influence over the nation’s response to the virus. Many Republicans have criticized Fauci for his handling of the pandemic, accusing him of misleading the public about COVID-19 risks and other critical issues.

In January, Fauci testified behind closed doors to the select subcommittee on the COVID-19 pandemic. The Committee on Oversight and Accountability, which oversees the subcommittee’s activities, released transcripts of his testimony on Friday. Fauci is scheduled to return to Capitol Hill on Monday for a public testimony before Congress.

During his testimony, the Republican counsel questioned the origins of the six-foot social distancing standard. Fauci revealed that the guideline, which was enforced by federal, state, and local officials to curb COVID-19 spread, was essentially arbitrary and lacked a solid scientific foundation. “You know, I don’t recall. It sort of just appeared,” Fauci admitted. “I don’t recall, like, a discussion of whether it should be 5 or 6 or whatever.” When asked if he had seen any studies supporting the six-foot standard, Fauci responded, “I was not aware of studies that in fact, that would be a very difficult study to do.”

The questioning also addressed the evidence supporting the masking of children, a policy that was widely implemented across the U.S. and advocated by health officials. Fauci’s response was equally vague: “You know, I might have, Mitch, but I don’t recall specifically that I did. I might have.”

The U.S. response to COVID-19 has become increasingly contentious, particularly regarding its impact on children and education. School closures, prolonged beyond what some experts now consider necessary, have been linked to significant drops in test scores. Data analyzed by The New York Times earlier this year supports this correlation. “There’s fairly good consensus that, in general, as a society, we probably kept kids out of school longer than we should have,” pediatric disease specialist Sean O’Leary told the Times.

Republican lawmakers have seized upon these revelations to underscore what they see as mismanagement and overreach by public health authorities during the pandemic. The arbitrary nature of the six-foot rule and the lack of clear evidence for masking children highlight the need for more rigorous, evidence-based approaches in handling public health crises. As Fauci prepares to testify publicly, these issues will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of the discussion.

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