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DoJ “Won’t Retract” Domestic Terror Smear Against Parents

The Department of Justice is refusing to formally recant a memorandum which slurred parents who oppose the teaching of anti-white Critical Race Theory indoctrination as domestic terrorists, in spite of the left-wing school board association which urged the probe backing down from its advocacy for criminalizing dissent.

Speaking in the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Senator Chuck Grassley revealed that his office had asked the Department of Justice to recant the infamous memo, which was issued at the behest of the far-left National School Boards Association. Attorney General Merrick Garland later ordered the FBI’s counter-terrorism division to investigate CRT critics, despite no hard evidence of violent plots or criminal activity on the part of the activists who oppose the teaching of racialist philosophy in public schools.

Grassley revealed that the DOJ responded in a letter that stood by the political investigation, alluding to unsourced allegations of terrorist plots on the part of CRT critics without dropping hard evidence, examples of criminal convictions, or the legal basis for the involvement of Biden’s federal government as opposed to local authorities. Read more…

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