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Disturbing Attack: Transgender Student Accused of Brutally Beating Girl

A concerned mother in Oklahoma has taken legal action against her local school district after her 15-year-old daughter was allegedly subjected to a brutal assault by a 17-year-old transgender student in the girls’ bathroom. The incident, which occurred on October 26, 2022, at Edmond Memorial High School, has prompted the parent to seek $75,000 in damages for the severe physical and mental injuries, pain and suffering, and emotional distress inflicted upon her child while at school.

According to the lawsuit filed on May 25, it is claimed that the transgender student had previously made threats of violence against the victim, prompting another student to report these threats to the authorities. The lawsuit references a newly enacted law in Oklahoma, signed by Governor Kevin Stitt on the same day as the filing, which requires students in public schools to use restrooms that align with the sex listed on their birth certificates.

The report filed after the alleged assault, obtained by Fox News Digital, outlines that the transgender student, identified as student “A,” entered the girls’ restroom and engaged in an argument with the victim, referred to as student “V.” The altercation quickly escalated into a physical fight, during which student “A” repeatedly punched, kicked, and pulled the hair of student “V,” leaving her unable to defend herself. Another friend who attempted to intervene was also struck in the face twice.

The police report revealed that student “V” sustained injuries to her eye, face, and head, with a possible concussion. In response to the incident, Edmond Public Schools Superintendent Angela Grunewald released a video on YouTube in December 2022, attempting to explain the circumstances surrounding the assault. She acknowledged the difficulty of the situation, noting that if a parent enrolls their child as a certain gender and the child presents themselves accordingly, it would not be questioned.

Grunewald also addressed the confusion regarding the transgender student’s birth certificate, as it was found that there was no gender listed on the document. She further explained that high schools do not require birth certificates for enrollment, making it challenging to verify such information. The Edmond School District spokesperson declined to comment on the ongoing litigation, citing the district’s practice of refraining from making statements in such cases.

In May, Oklahoma agreed not to enforce a ban on sex reassignment surgery and care for minors, indicating a broader shift in policy surrounding transgender issues. The incident and subsequent legal action highlight the complexities schools face when addressing transgender student rights and the concerns raised by parents regarding the safety and well-being of all students involved.

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