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Dems’ Insane School Closure Policies Are Coming Back to Bite Them

Getting to say “I told you so” can be sweet for many. But I’d venture to guess that the phrase has turned sour for those in the liberty community over the past two years (or two decades, or two centuries…what have you).

While most of us spent the vast majority of 2020-2021 being censored online and labeled as “grandma killers,” “conspiracy theorists,” or “selfish” for merely presenting basic data and common sense facts that pushed back against the prevailing pandemic policies of the moment-history has proven us right on literally every front.

Nowhere is this more clear than the current reckoning occurring as the fallout from school closures becomes even more evident. This week, a New York Times headline read, “Math Scores Fell in Nearly Every State, and Reading Dipped on National Exam.” Read more…

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