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Democrats Reintroduce Radical Abortion Bill in GOP-Controlled House

One of the first actions of the Republican-controlled House earlier this year was to send a message making it clear that the days of pro-abortion Democrats passing their radical bills was over. That hasn’t stopped the minority though from reminding Americans just how extreme they are on the issue, though, as the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA) was reintroduced last Thursday by Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA). As nice as the name may be, in reality it would legalize abortion up until birth for any reason.

Lest you think the bill’s name means Democrats have acknowledged the biological reality that only women can get pregnant, a quick glance of the text dashes any hope. “This Act is intended to protect all people with the capacity for pregnancy–cisgender women, transgender men, nonbinary individuals, those who identify with a different gender, and others–who are unjustly harmed by restrictions on abortion services,” it reads.

Despite Rep. Chu’s official account tweeting or retweeting no less tha7 n eight times about the bill on Thursday, its extreme nature is not discussed. Also left out of the conversation is how Americans do not support abortion up until the moment of birth. Read more…

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