Democrats Push To Eradicate Right-Wingers From The Military

The Biden administration’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered every military branch to convene a “stand down” sometime in the next 60 days to “have a deeper conversation” about the supposed threat of white supremacist “extremism” in the U.S. military, while a top Democrat wants the Biden administration to monitor new recruits for any “violent-extremist ties,” whatever that means. Active Special Forces are reportedly being told not to associate themselves with the beloved Pepe the Frog meme or the patriotic Three Percenters.

“There may be cultural issues we have to deal with here,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said after Austin met with top military leaders and apparently found consensus among all of them that there was some kind of extremism “problem” in the military.

Some leftists want to ban Fox News from military bases, according to the replies on Secretary Austin’s tweet announcing the Stand Down. Replies included, “End the practice of Fox being on constantly in every military base. It’s nothing but lies and propaganda and serves as a gateway to further radicalization,” and “It is common knowledge Fox News on all bases is the tool being used to indoctrinate our military.” Read more…

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