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Democrats’ Bottomless Abortion Sickness

No matter how queasy the Republican Party makes me from time to time — and they too often descend into a dysfunctional, illiberal mess – Democrats frequently remind me why I can never, ever support them – at least as their party is currently constituted. I’ve written a lot about abortion over the last calendar year, for obvious reasons, and I always try to be respectful of pro-choice people who hold different views on certain difficult questions surrounding the issue.

There’s a distinction between the traditional pro-choice ‘safe, legal, and rare with certain limitations’ viewpoint held by many Americans, and the ghoulish pro-abortion sickness dominant among elected federal Democrats. They serve poll-tested sound bytes about Roe v. Wade, distorting what Roe actually did, then propose to “codify” it with stomach-turning and radical legislation that goes far beyond the overturned precedent’s contours. Read more…

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