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California to Covid-Vaxx Kids Without Parental Consent

A new proposal introduced by a California state senator Thursday would allow children aged 12 and up to be inoculated without their parents’ consent if passed…

Republican lawmakers have argued that the new bill proposed by Democrats is yet another example of the party trying to make insert the state into parenting rather than allowing adults to make decisions over how they raise their own children.

“This to me seems to be another example of Democrats wanting to remove parents from the equation,” said Republican Assemblyman James Gallagher. “I think that’s flawed policy. I think parents are vital to these decisions.”

…Big League Politics has covered other radical developments by California in recent times, including the state’s decision to shut down a Christian preschool for their refusal to forcibly mask small children and a recent Gavin Newsom budget proposal that seeks to give free healthcare to illegal aliens. Read more…

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