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Big Pharma is Now in Abortion Mill Business

Big Government and Big Pharma have become household names around here, but what about Big Abortion? It turns out that the abortion industry is rapidly franchising in an attempt to make baby murder as easy and available as popping in to a corner convenience store for a hot dog.

These “reproductive health clinics,” as they are calling them, are already a mainstay here in the United States – think Planned Parenthood – but what about in the Third World? The abortion industry is focusing its sights on places like India where women are already being tricked into getting sterilized. Now they will be able to stop by to grab an abortion on the way to the grocery store.

According to reports, governments in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry are developing sophisticated social marketing campaigns to “create demand” for population control. They are also underwriting anti-child advertisements in the mass media under the guise of promoting “maternal health.”

“The governments partner with major population control players like Population Services International (PSI), International Planned Parenthood Federation, DKT International and others,” reports the Population Research Institute (PRI).

“Such groups come loaded with lots of foreign aid, prepared to sell the anti-child message, train the ‘providers’ and regulate the resulting franchises.”

Pritpal Marjara, the managing director of PSI-India, told PRI in an interview that he and other anti-child activists “create the demand” and “also have the products to supply it.” Marjara has about 15 years of experience marketing anti-people products for profit. Read more…

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