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Art Institute Fires All Volunteers for “Being Too White”

Chicago has been known for being an exciting and vibrant place to live, so much so that the city’s population has declined by nearly a million inhabitants since the 1950s and now has barely as many people as it did in the 1920s. Many speculate that this is due to the unreasonably high living costs and uncontrollable crime, but noticing this is apparently politically incorrect. And in the spirit of political correctness, the Windy City has given America yet another gesture of blatant yet acceptable racism.

According to Chicago Now, the Art Institute of Chicago will be letting go of all 82 of its docents, volunteers who trained for years and commit a considerable amount of time to the non-profit organization, because there were apparently too many White women amongst the volunteers for the new executive’s taste. As a result, the docents will be replaced by a “limited number of paid educators,” who will be selected using “an income equity-focused lens” in the name of diversity and inclusion. Read more…

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