AOC Brags About ‘Radicalizing’ Young Americans

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is up for a second term to represent New York’s 14th District, bragged that the progressive movement has “radicalized” millennials.

After being introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders, she said:

“When I first got to Congress, and for progressives especially it can feel very lonely depending on the class that you’re in, and we’re entering this system that is stacked up against working people and progressive candidates.” She said that Peter Welch passed her a note on that first day in the Oversight Committee, and “it was just one of the kindest gestures that I had ever had on my first time getting into Congress.”

She said that Welch passing her the note “speaks truly to what this movement, what progressivism is all about, which is-and I also think it’s our strategic advantage, in that while the other guys are sharing lobbyists, and they’re sharing big money, and that’s just kind of what they’re sharing, we’re kind of sharing this unconditional support of one another in the fight for justice. Read more…

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