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Anti-Gun Group “Everytown” Deliberately Misrepresents Gun Death Data

Gun control advocates play very fast and loose with the data around gun violence, and if you aren’t trained on how to decipher and interpret statistics you may easily fall for their misrepresentations of the facts.

Recently, the anti-Second Amendment activist group “Everytown” took to Instagram to do just that.

“Guns are the #1 killer of college-aged people in America” they wrote, just days after a school shooting at Michigan State University left three students dead. This is of course a harrowing statistic to read and gives the impression, quite intentionally, that all these deaths are the result of campus shootings.

Good thing that isn’t actually true.

I tried finding the data they pointed to in fine print at the bottom of the image. Notably, they included no actual links or web addresses—and that’s probably because, as best I can tell, they don’t exist. Read more…

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