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A Must-Read Shocker for Moms Nationwide

Parents of first-grade children at the exclusive New York City Dalton School were enraged when they discovered their children were shown a “sex ed” cartoon video in which young children talked about “touching themselves” for pleasure, a report at the New York Post revealed.

The video (below), created by digital media platform Amaze, supposedly intends to teach that “bodies are private” and that children should learn the “proper words” for private body parts, instead of “cute” or “funny” names, but then includes a segment in which a little boy character asks the adult, “Hey, how come my p**** gets big sometimes and points up in the air?”

“That’s called an erection,” the adult character replies.

“Sometimes, I touch my p**** because it feels good,” the boy continues in the video.

“Sometimes, when I’m in my bath or when mom puts me to bed I like to touch my v***a,” adds a little girl character.

“You have a clitoris there, Kayla, that probably feels good to touch the same way Keith’s p***s feels good when he touches it,” the adult says.

“But, have you ever noticed that older kids and grown-ups don’t touch their private parts in public?” she asks.

“Hmmm, they don’t?” the boy asks.

“That’s right, Keith, it’s okay to touch yourself and see how different body parts feel, but it’s best to only do it in private,” the adult states. Read more…

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