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Young Americans Are Finally Avoiding Colleges, But Why? Here Are Some Answers

The Kids Are Wising Up

College dreams are not what they used to be.

Up until this year, high school senior Jason Neuharth, 18, was set on attending a technical school in his home state of Minnesota. “I was adamant on going to college- this was going to be my future,” he said.

But the last 12 months of largely staying home and attending school in person only a few days a week left Neuharth with lots of time to reconsider, he said. “I grew up with not a lot of money and that was a fear of mine- the money,” he said. “I would not be able to feasibly pay for college.”

Instead, Neuharth enlisted in the National Guard with an eight-year commitment. “This second option, this get-out-of-jail-free card, which was the military, seemed like a no-brainer.” A year into the coronavirus crisis, many high school seniors have dramatically changed their expectations about the future. Read more…

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