Why Nancy Pelosi May Have Trouble Remaining Speaker of the House

Earlier today my RedState colleague Nick Arama reported that House GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is speculating that Nancy Pelosi may no longer have the votes in the House Democrat caucus to remaining Speaker of the House.

A few days ago, when the late-deciding House races started to go against the Democrats, I wrote this story about the possible implications coming out of the House Democrat Caucus conference call where fingers of blame were being pointed over the losses that were suffered by various incumbents who had faced difficult races.

The news has not improved for Pelosi since I wrote my earlier story – in fact, it has gotten worse in that the Democrats have now lost every close race called so far. It now looks like she has lost – or will lose – 3 Democrat seats in California, her power base. With growing unhappiness on the extreme left-wing of her caucus, the math might end up working against her in the coming vote of the House Caucus on who to nominate for the Speaker’s Chair. Read more…

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