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Watch: Liberal Journalists Endorse Child Sex Abuse

A liberal “journalist” advocated for “porn for children” where “no one gets choked.”

Yes, really.

Writer Flora Gill, who boasts on her Twitter profile of writing for GQ, ST Style Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, and Evening Standard, claimed that children need “entry level porn.”

“Someone needs to create porn for children. Hear me out,” Gill tweeted Thursday. “Young teens are already watching porn but they’re finding hardcore, aggressive videos that give a terrible view of sex. They need entry level porn! A soft core site where everyone asks for consent and no one gets choked.”

Gill deleted her tweet after receiving massive backlash on Twitter.

Gill’s disturbing remarks come after Washington Post writer Lauren Rowello penned an op-ed last month advocating for children to be exposed to “kink” at pride parades.

“Yes, kink belongs at Pride,” read Rowello’s headline. “And I want my kids to see it.” Read more…

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