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Video: Judge Separates Kids From Moms Who Get Caught Not Wearing Masks

Dale Cohen, Appointed by Jeb Bush

Broward County Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen has repeatedly suspended parental timesharing arrangements for mothers who have been caught not wearing masks, according to interviews with parents and stunning audio and court documents obtained by National File.

Cohen, who was originally appointed by Jeb Bush, indefinitely suspended parental timesharing for Melanie Joseph when he heard that she was seen in a photograph on social media not wearing a mask. Joseph said that she was merely trying to take a break from the mask. Joseph later made an agreement with heavy restrictions (including mandatory vaccinations and a mandate that her asthmatic 14-year old son must wear a mask) to get limited timesharing back. Judge Cohen also completely cut off timesharing for a mother of a less than 2-year old child when a court filing accused the mom of consistently not wearing a mask and photo evidence showed her not social distancing at the beach. Read more…

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