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Public Schools Making Kids Listen to Anti-White Rap Music

The Loudon County Public Schools system in Virginia is reportedly teaching sixth-graders with a rap song that rants against Manifest Destiny, the U.S. government, and the “White Man’s rules” and includes the lyric “Blood on your hands today.” The song also devotes special scorn for legendary American president Andrew Jackson, including with the grammatically disastrous lyric “I see you Andrew Jackson, you Indian-killer, Probably think we all savages, if we ain’t vanilla.”

Here are the Flocabulary lyrics to the song “Indian Removal: The Trail of Tears and Manifest Destiny”:

And we’re the tribe that played by White Man’s rules,
We farmed and sent our kids to school.
Accepted Christ, even owned slaves too,
But your government gave us the boot.
Jackson’s government said we had to leave,
No more could we stay in the land of the East.
Called it Indian Removal, it’s a disgrace,
Your greed got us displaced. Read more…

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