Nickelodeon’s ‘Blue’s Clues’ Brings LGBTQ Message to Alphabet: ‘P Is for Pride’

Blues Clues & You, the long-running children’s show on the Nickelodeon cable network, is pushing LGBTQ pride with an alphabet video and song titled “ABC Song with Blue!”

The tune, sung by Blue, the show’s cartoon dog (voiced by Traci Paige Johnson), features the alphabet with ideas and words assigned to each letter. But once the song gets to the letter P, the LGBTQ agenda is shoehorned into the lyrics. “P,” the song tells kids, “is full of Pride.” To underscore that the lyrics pertain to the LGBTQ agenda, the rainbow pride flag appears on the screen. But the rainbow flag is not the only one that appears on screen.

The screen also fills with flags representing other pride causes including the trans community, asexual community, pansexual community, intersex community, gender-fluid community, and others. Read more…

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