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Left-Wing Policies Kill in Texas: Green Energy Left Millions Vulnerable in Deadly Storm

Cold Comfort

Wind, solar and hydro power are all carbon-free, that’s for sure (so is nuclear power generation but the left hates that, too)- but their technologies are nowhere near advanced to the point they can completely supplant fossil fuel-driven energy creation. And yet, that is precisely what the left seeks to do anyway, and in far too many places, these nut jobs are succeeding.

Like in Texas.

The oil-and-gas capital of our country could not even sustain enough power generation last week to keep the lights on and the water treatment plants working. And why? Because the state’s Republican majority over the past decade or so allowed themselves to be talked into building enough wind farms to generate nearly one-quarter of the state’s power (Texas has its own grid, by the way). And when last week’s historically low temperatures blew into the Lone Star State, an estimated 40 percent of those windmills froze.

It turns out Texas wind farms cannot withstand sub-freezing temperatures. So the grid failed after the fossil fuel backup was too little to keep the grid online.

As a result, some Texans froze to death. Read more…

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